welcome, friend.

My name is Anne Marie, and you’ve stumbled upon a little extension of my heart.

I’m a daughter, writer, speaker, podcaster, and artist. Super passionate about practical holiness, healing, all things womanhood, and relationships. Big into kicking butts and flipping tables but also the silence of the secret place and encountering the Father’s heart, in a lasting, sustainable lifegiving way.

I’m not creating from a place of having it figured out, but seriously, imperfectly walking it out with the Lord.

Picture this: your relationship with God doesn’t have to be the moments where you’ve struggled to lower to bucket to the well, only to pull it back up with sore muscles, slosh out some water and have to do it all over again. I think that’s how we view our journey with Father sometimes: defined by mere moments we spend with the abundance and life giving water that He is. Maybe that’s defined by an experience of Him at a retreat, or an event, or even momentarily through a blog post.

But I believe that relationship with Jesus can be constant, sustained connection. Think: endless, forever, abundant waterfall. That doesn’t mean you always feel it, but you’re always living in it, convicted of His presence.

And, well, here’s my journey with all of that.

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RUAH by annie

What fills our eyes, fills our souls. Visit my shop to see all of my original creations, intended to remind you who your Father is, who you are, and bring more beauty into your life!

As The Builder Builds

This is a compilation of articles from many incredible people, who are all seeking the Father’s heart in the context of either discerning marriage or living it out. Dating, engaged, and married friends– this one’s for you!

The Colin & Annie Show

Colin is my future husband, and we love good conversations, living in authentic joy, and storytelling! Covid-19 cut season one short, but you can catch up before season two begins in August!

Let’s collaborate!

We’re not meant to do life on our own, or build the kingdom by ourselves. I would love to have a conversation with you about any sort of project you’re working on, and how I can celebrate and support you, and potentially contribute. I’ve been featured on Blessed Is She, The Young Catholic Woman, and LifeTeen, and have spoken to hundreds of middle schoolers, high schoolers, men, and women over the years. One time I even spoke at a retreat for women who were all over the age of sixty– y’all should have SEEN the worship that night (you already KNOW Holy Spirit showed up).