Enlarge the space for your tent, spread out your tent cloths unsparingly; lengthen your ropes and make firm your pegs. -Isaiah 54:2

What size tent do you have God in?

Are you praying without expectation? Maybe there’s a specific need that you’ve been giving to the Lord constantly and you’re just not seeing Him move. You’re feeling frustrated and maybe seriously doubting the power of prayer.

If you want to see God move radically in your life, expect Him to move radically.

Expect more.

Whatever you’re expecting right now, expect more. It doesn’t matter what the situation is. Expect more. Wherever you’re at in life, expect more. Expect Him to do more.

Jesus Christ could have saved us from our sins by cutting His pinky finger. But y’all, He chose to die the most horrific death. There was no suffering that He did not experience, emotional or physical. Why?

Because He wanted to show you how much He loves you. He loves you more. So He endured more.

He goes all the way. But He loves you so much that He wants you to be a participant in His miracles. He wants to use your faith to bring it about.

Why don’t we hope for more? Why do we become satisfied in our dissatisfaction, with the bare minimum?

Is it because we’re scared? Are we afraid of longing? Have we allowed fear of wanting more and not being satisfied paralyze us?

We project our experience with human love onto God sometimes, don’t we? We’ve all wanted more out of people…parents, spouses, friends. And we’ve all been left wanting. We’ve all been let down. We’ve all be rejected. We’ve all been abandoned.

So, subconsciously, we often assume that God will do the same thing. What if we long for more…and it never comes? Because we’ve longed for more before this and we’ve been disappointed.

Disappointed? Actually, utterly crushed. Heartbroken. We don’t want to go back.

So we build walls around our hearts. We tell ourselves that we’re content with our little isolated world the way it is. We stare at the dirt because we’re afraid that we’ll look up and there will be no sky.

Maybe the reason why we’re so wounded isn’t that we’ve hoped,  but that we’ve placed our hope in the wrong things.

We’ve hoped in people. We’ve hoped in events. We’ve been left wanting.

But God is different. His love is bigger. His love is better. His love is more.

God wants to break out of the boxes we’ve put Him in. He wants to break out of the illusions that we’ve confined Him to.

If any part of you wants to long for more…follow that.

Because here’s the deal, friend: you were created for more.

Spread out your tent cloths unsparingly.

He will come into whatever space we have for Him and He will fill it. He might not fill it with what you think you want, but He will fill it with what you actually want.

Stop being afraid of looking at the sky. I don’t know if the sun is there or not; if it’s not, there’s a beautiful night sky.

He doesn’t introduce a desire without having the means of fulfilling it. If you have a desire, He is going to satisfy. It might not look how you think it will…but He will satisfy you with the absolute best.

So let’s start expecting more. He’s God. He can handle it.

Let’s allow ourselves to long. God longs to show Himself in our lives in glory and power. Let’s approach the Throne of Grace admitting that we are lacking. There is space that needs to be filled. There are limitations that we are sick of living with. He already knows our needs…let’s invite Him into them knowing that He has the power to change everything.

And then, step back and watch what happens. Widen your tent. Open your arms. Expect more than you have ever expected in your life. Expect more than you could possibly imagine.

The time for miracles is now. The time for wonders is now.

He’s just waiting for your tent to be big enough. Invite Him to rip open the tent and then expect Him to. He wants to.

Why? Because He doesn’t do things by halves. He goes all the way. He goes to the cross. He goes to hell and comes back.

Because He loves you.


2 thoughts on “more.

  1. I miss your posts! I’ll have to follow along on this blog.. And this thought you shared is so powerful. Thank-you. I wonder how much I am limiting God in my life?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good one Anne Marie:)


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