evil is sensible.

Verdict: dead.

Decision: bury. Then run.

Out of control, hurt, confused. It doesn’t make sense to hope. Death makes sense. It makes sense to run because it makes sense not to win. It makes sense for silence to consume and burn all possibility of understanding.

Evil makes sense.

You keep thinking of all of the reasons why not. But what if there’s a reason to stay in this wilderness? What if there’s still a reason to trust?

What if this is where God has led you? Perhaps this is the exact moment He always intended for you to be in, right now.

He died so you wouldn’t have to run. He died so you wouldn’t even have to win. In His death, there is infinite victory.

I don’t know what that means. I don’t know what that looks like. But I know that it simply is.

This wilderness is uncomfortable. It involves a lot of stillness and a lot of trust. It requires the recognition that you are truly out of control. Maybe you have been lead to this place of depravity so that He can show you rivers in the wasteland.

What if there’s a God that is pushing in on you? Maybe you haven’t felt it and maybe you haven’t seen it…but maybe His hand has been there the whole time.

Maybe there’s a situation that is so broken that you don’t even know what to hope for. Maybe you don’t even know what restoration looks like. Maybe you’re terrified of hoping because you’ve tried and you’ve been hurt. Maybe you’re afraid of opening your heart again and being disappointed, or worse, destroyed.

It’s really scary to hope in what you thought was beyond restoration. It’s really scary to not place an ending or a verdict on something that you have buried in the ground because it looks dead.

This. This is the best place to be in. Because there’s nothing left to hold onto. No expectations or demands…all He asks of you is to open your hands and receive the glory and restoration that He has won. If you don’t know what that looks like, then good. Because really, it’s so far beyond what anyone can imagine.

We worship the God of miracles who does not disappoint.

Through death’s defeat…He paved a way for hope. He showed us that nothing is beyond restoration.

“The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.” (1Cor 15:26) Evil is sensible.

God is not. His love is not.

It made no sense for His Son to take on flesh and blood. It made no sense for Jesus to heal the sick and the lame and the deaf. It made no sense for Him to suffer and die just so we might someday maybe choose Him.

He would have been absolutely fine if Satan claimed all of us; He would have still been God. We would have been absolutely fine if He just cut His pinky finger. And yet…He choose to die the most gruesome death in history.

Evil is sensible. God’s love is not.

I don’t want to hope anymore because I’ve hoped and my heart has been broken. I’ve hoped and I’ve realized how out of control I am. I’ve hoped and I’ve realized how much my heart has been set on this.

Hope requires vulnerability. Hope requires us to depend on a wild love. What other kind of love could ever even attempt to go up against the grave?

I’m done placing labels and verdicts. I say nothing is beyond restoration…but that’s for everyone else’s lives.

I choose to believe that God is restoring and He takes beyond restoration.

My hope is not founded in what I want to happen. My hope is not founded in what makes sense.

My hope is founded in a God who radically chases me down. That same powerful love that claimed me and rose me up from the grave is present in this situation, in every situation. My hope is founded in a God whose ways are so infinitely beyond me.

Done with fear. Done with assumptions and expectations.

He’s not done. He didn’t stop when He rose Lazarus. He didn’t stop on the cross. He didn’t stop at the resurrection.

He’s still not done.

Verdict: victorious. Finished at the cross. There is more to come.

Decision: trust. Receive. Witness miracles.


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