get the hell over it

Sometimes, I whine an outragous amount. Take last week, for example.

My planner (pictured above) was a hot mess, telling me of back to back to back meetings and classes and homework and work and people things. I don’t mind the busyness; there’s purpose and grace here. I know I’m doing what I’m called to be doing and I feel so fully alive.

However. I don’t really like when I have to do things that I don’t want to do. That’s probably the most dumb sentence I’ve ever written, but there it is. Last week consisted of a solid amount of heart stretching, hard conversations, and generally uncomfortable moments.

One night last week, I was doing homework with a friend and I just kept talking about this particular thing going on the next day that I was dreading.

“I really don’t want to it,” I said for the third (actually probably like thirtieth) time, expecting some great amount of sympathy that would in turn make me feel so justified.

His response? He didn’t stop and close his computer, look straight into my eyes and tell me everything was going to be okay. Nope nope nope.

He just glanced up and said, “Get the hell over it.”

I have these Christmas lights strung above my desk, with quotes clothes-pinned to the wire. The quotes are generally from worship songs or just phrases that I’ve been praying with. Pretty nice and girly and flowery, with stuff about how much Jesus is in love with me.

Their newest addition: “get the hell over it.”

Because those words shifted my whole mentality last week.

He probably didn’t mean for them to be some life-changing declaration; I’m guessing he was so over my complaining (understandably so).

It’s funny though, because regardless of intention, those words hit me straight in the heart. Not in a painful sort of way– in a freeing sort of way.

Because I realized that I could get the hell over it. That I wasn’t bound to this dread and anxiety. That I wasn’t trapped in this situation. That I am strong and full of life, and that this thing, however minor, was not going to kill me. 

I’m all about validation of emotions. I’ve written about how we can’t suppress what’s going on and how we need to acknowledge our hearts because the Lord speaks in that and He dignifies what is going on. That’s all valid.

But how often do we just talk ourselves in circles? Saying multiple times that you don’t want to do something doesn’t make it go away. We’ll go on and on about how much a situation is the worst and then we just stay there. When we focus on the negativity, it increases the power the situation has over us. If we keep speaking that we don’t want to do it, the anxiety increases.

We give so much power to things that were never meant to have power. Those uncomfortable conversations, frustrating classes, or exhausting situations. We can acknowledge that they’re what they are…but we don’t have to be trapped by them.

We LITERALLY have the power to get the hell over it because Jesus got so over hell. We weren’t made for dread or anxiety because we serve a King who lacks nothing. Wherever He calls us, there He also is, fighting for us, defending our hearts in every situation. 

And because of that, we’re free to run.

We don’t have to run from things, we get to run in the midst of them. We don’t have to wait until after the thing is over for freedom, we get to claim freedom now. Even in the midst of the storm, when we start to feel the winds stirring and the waves churning, and we know that things are only going to intensify…we can claim that He is good and just be free.

So this week, there’s a lot going on in my life. But I am done being a victim to anxiety and whatever else. I am not a victim; you’re not a victim. I’m not empowering the thoughts of “I don’t want to do this” and I’m changing my tune to “I can’t wait to see how God moves in this.”

I’m not going to give the space in my mind to thoughts that are toxic and don’t line up with my identity as a daughter of the King.

This doesn’t mean that I’m going to walk around and be fake. It means that I’m going to open my hands and trust that His promises are good and He is faithful, even when I can’t feel it. His provision is more than a feeling and His reckless love wants me to receive all the pressure.

My heart wasn’t made to carry these burdens. Yours wasn’t, either. This week, let’s surrender it all and watch the giants flee. It doesn’t matter if it’s as small as doing homework that you don’t want to do or a fifteen minute meeting that you don’t want to have or as big as a break-up or huge project. We’re not victims; we’re not trapped. We weren’t made for anxiety. We’re made for freedom and victory. 

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
-Romans 8:28-



Also, I’m ridiculously thankful for the people in my life who aren’t afraid to just tell it how it is. Here’s to you and your simple words, get-the-hell-over-it boy. I appreciate you.


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