it’s time to dream again.

Here’s something a little bit different: I want to invite you into this conviction. I want to invite you into this word that’s been spoken over my heart, over my life, like water washing me and relieving me of burdens that I once thought were a part of my back, of chains that I once saw as a part of my wrists.

But to the burdens, He’s bringing His sweet hands, His sweet strength, and He’s lifting. To the chains, He’s bringing tears, because He mourns captivity, and all that hurts me He’s bringing keys, He’s bringing freedom. He’s lifting. He’s lifting me into His arms.

He’s lifting you into His arms.

I want to invite you to step into this reality, with me. Because there’s nothing too big; there’s nothing this truth doesn’t apply to. There’s nothing outside the redemptive, restorative power of the Resurrection.

Here’s my declaration over me, and you: it’s time to dream again.

It’s time to approach life unhindered by disappointment; unreserved and unrestrained. We weren’t made for the boxes structured by fear.

It’s time to be excited for what comes next, because we’ve been set free.

This— breathe deeply, friend–  is a new season.

Because He has a plan. Even in the breaking, He was restoring. Even as we slept, He was awakening. Even in the crying, He was gathering the tears and preparing a way for joy.

Maybe we don’t see it quite yet; maybe we still don’t understand.

But I want to move beyond what I understand. Healing doesn’t come from understanding; healing comes from an encounter with the Savior.

And so: what are we seeking? Sense? Or the reckless love of a King who broke into earth, who put on our skin, who dressed Himself in our wounds? Am I seeking the hard facts, or the safe embrace of the one who makes all things right?

We can dream before it makes sense. We can worship and claim His goodness even before we fully see.

It’s time to breathe again. The sleepless nights are over, the questioning is over. Because we got through the night, and He’s still here. He never left. And even more than that: He got through the crucifixion, and He still wasn’t defeated. He rose. And He fully intends for you to rise.

Press into the excitement of His heart, because He has more for you. He can’t wait for you to experience what is going to happen next. He’s been molding you, He’s been holding you, and you’re about to see Him come through on His promises.

You’re about to see how you haven’t seen anything yet, and how you literally have no point of reference for what He’s about to do in your life

All it takes: open up your hands and fall into His arms.

He’s asking you: Can I give you all of my heart? Because I want to.

He has more for you. THIS is your reality, beyond any doubt or confusion.

It’s time to dream again. Letting go of empty dreams, of shattered hopes, of places we’ve been that we never want to return to. He’s touching it all with nail-scarred hands, making wrong things right. Offering beauty, only for the price of ashes.

And we stand, with the water up to our knees. Perhaps it took us forever to enter the ocean, and now that we’re here, He’s so proud. He beckons even deeper.

He’s been faithful this far. Look back– see how faithful He is. See His presence exploding in every situation, because He’s there.

He’s there, He’s here, He’s freed you and He’s inviting us to move forward. With Him.

Hope is rising. A new season is beginning. You have a song to sing, a song that you Father has woven into the fabric of your existence. He’s inviting you to open your mouth and let it out. Let it out. Let it out.

We’re alive. We’re awake, we’re alive, and this world needs us. There are needs here that He plans to fulfill through us.

What do you truly want out of this life? What do you want that you’ve wanted since you were little, but that your heart pushes down again and again, because disappointment has waged war upon your desire? Fear has tricked you into believing that you should be afraid of your own desire, of your own heart.

But Jesus is speaking to you through desire. And He wants to fulfill all of it.

God didn’t become man for you to succumb to endless seeking, without hope of finding. He didn’t invade time and space for you to go without. He’s won it all, and He’s won it all for you. It’s time to want again. It’s time to want more.

So: let’s take our battered hearts and listen to His whisper spoke galaxies into existence. It’s time to dream again.


1 thought on “it’s time to dream again.

  1. Yet another time your post spoke to me in a way that perfectly corresponded to what I am experiencing in my life right now…thank you for your courageous words!!


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