the crisis in the church: blog posts can’t fix it, but here’s what restores.

Sometimes, I wish blog posts could fix problems.

I wish there were formulas that I could read (or even write) to enable closure, clarity, and healing. I wish that I didn’t have to wrestle with the unknowns or having to place verdicts on who is right and wrong. I wish it could all just be black and white and, well, fixed.

But even the words of the most eloquent, ground shaking blog post, Facebook post, or book have no power in themselves. When we’re seeking clarity, closure, and freedom, we can take the truth that we have learned and that we have seen, but we have got to go face to face with Him. It’s not enough to read Holy Spirit inspired thoughts; we’ve got to plant ourselves in the Presence of the King who wants to fill us with the Holy Spirit.

We’ve got to let Him invade our hearts, because He’s pulled us into His. We’ve got to use these words as a platform to reach Him, and then actually do the work of shutting off our phones and computers and opening our hands.

Let’s talk about the Catholic Church for a hot second.

For months, I have started and stopped so many blog posts about what’s going on in the Catholic Church right now. I’m grieving and I’m disappointed, and I’m sick of being hurt by leaders. And I can’t find words that are enough.

I believe 112% that we need to know what’s going on in the Church with all of these sexual abuse, consensual acts of homosexuality, and financial scandals. With that, we need to be aware of the sources that we’re reading and make sure that we are truly being informed of truth. Not all priests are bad. There are so many lay leaders working for the Church that are also culpable. There are so many factors to all that’s going on.

As the lay people, we do have a responsibility. And I do think we need intellectual articles, reform, and lengthy conversations. But that’s not what I’m writing about right now. What I want to say is this– that will never be enough.

We need to get on our knees. And if you just checked out because that’s become a cliche, check yourself because the need is more real than ever.

Now is the time to learn how to recognize the voice of the Father more deeply.

Jesus flipped tables, yeah, but chaos is not of the Lord. He wants to enable us to respond with spirits of sorrow, but also peace. Let’s be aware of what’s filling our hearts, and how we’re responding to it.

We need to get on our knees, and claim peace.

Now is not the time for soap boxes and stages and Facebook rants. Now is the time for education, fasting, and death on the altar. There comes a time when there are enough posts and articles. The internet can’t fix what’s broken here. But Jesus can.

So in this time, when our Church might feel like it’s falling a part…in this season of breaking, of truth discovering, of grieving…Jesus is faithful.

His presence is not contingent upon our understanding and closure. He doesn’t show up simply to fix, or once it’s all fixed. Jesus Christ takes on our process.

I was walk back from mass last Sunday with a dear friend and she said it best. The Bread of Life Discourse is not coincidentally this month– the fact that Peter asks Jesus where the else heck we’re supposed to go, because He has it all (my paraphrase), is not random.

Where else are we going to go?

I have been disappointed by the people in the Church. I have been disappointed by leaders who have not realized the gravity of their position. I have been disappointed by apathy and the lack of clarity.

But I have never been disappointed by Jesus. Because He made a promise. And that promise is, if it’s not good, He’s not done. Because He makes all things new.

So, I’m holding fast to that promise right now, even when I don’t understand. I’m holding fast, but I’m not worshiping. Sense does not satisfy and answers don’t heal. Only the Savoir can fill us, and only Love Himself can heal our wounds.

I believe in the promise, but I am worshiping the Promise Keeper.

God, you’re greater than answers.

In our quest for the truth, let’s remember this. Let’s remember that Jesus allowed His heart to be wrapped up in us– He’s given us power over Him. He’s the one who has been hurt the most in all of this. He’s the one who has been abused, betrayed, and lied to.

He gives us power over His heart. So let’s pour ourselves out in worship. We cannot abandon Him in churches– now is the time to immerse ourselves in His Presence just because of who He is. Now is the time to fold our fears into His heart, now is the time to believe in His faithfulness and declare our own.

NOW is the time to worship. Now is the time to teach people how to pray, to teach people how to receive hope.

Close out the blogs and the Facebook posts and step away from the Twitter feeds. There comes a point when we need to close even the best of them, and go to the King. He heals and restores. Now is the time for beauty to come from the ashes…but we have to go to Him. We have to grapple with the truth in His Presence, we have to keep showing up. Even when we’re heartbroken and don’t understand.

Jesus isn’t offering us an easy fix, but He’s pouring out His Presence as a means for deep and abiding restoration and revival. So let’s get on our knees, open our hands, and be instruments of change.

I’m praying with you and for you.


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