to the heart that is conversing with regret.

You’re rewriting my story
And I’m brand new like a morning
Oh, I never knew anything lasts forever
Till I found You
Until I Found You // Phil Wickham


I was on the phone with my brother last week, frustrated about the roads that my heart has traveled. And he told me that sometimes, when we’re pursuing Jesus, we get so caught up in the supernatural that we forget that we’re, well, natural. Human.

We’re human and it’s okay.

I am human and it is good. Say that aloud. Seriously. Claim it.

Time wasted, time lost becomes time redeemed, when beauty breaks from the ashes. Unlikely foundations that the Father desires to build monuments on top of.

Nothing is a waste.

Nothing that has happened in the past could possibly drag you from the promise that He’s spoken over your life.

Jesus took on our humanity. And He knew, full well, when He died for us that our lives could get messy. He knows our humanity. He dignified our humanity.

Our humanity isn’t enough to stop Him from whatever His incredible plans are for our lives.

So. If you’re finding your regret stopping your dreams, if you’re finding your desire bound up by disbelief because of something that you once chose– nothing is enough to stop His goodness, right now, in your life.

He’s your Dad, and He wants to pick you up. Again and again, He covers all the miles, all the distance, simply to be close to you.

Let’s stop getting caught up in what has happened, in what didn’t happen, in all the what-ifs and I-don’t-knows.

Guess what?

You don’t have to dialogue with the voice of confusion anymore, because you’re actually above it. As a child of the King, confusion and fear and regret don’t get to talk to you anymore. You don’t need to feed them, you don’t need to justify anything to them. You get to step on top of them and say, “Hi Daddy, pick me up, please.”

We’re human and it is good. We can claim our humanity, and claim our sonship or daughtership, and press into the love of the Father. Just open your hands– when He looks at you, He’s not ashamed. He doesn’t desire to condemn. He’s made it all new, totally and completely new.

Now is new. Seriously– you don’t need to wait to feel some big shift. Claim the reality that now. is. new. Write it, tattoo it, whatever.

Sometimes, we say it because we believe it, and sometimes we claim it to believe it.

Jesus Christ died on the cross to give us the authority to step on top of shame. There isn’t any season that you will ever walk through, any decision that you will ever make, that He hasn’t already figured out how to bring beauty, life, and revival out of.

Of course, these truths aren’t the safety net for us to go and intentionally screw up all the time. However, they present the reality that even when we’re pursuing Jesus, we’re not perfect. And stuff happens. But we can keep moving forward. We can keep pressing into Him, we can keep seeking Him, because His love and His mercy never stops.

We can totally and completely FLING ourselves into His arms, leaving behind the flings we’re had with the world. He’s the King of restoration. He’s never left and He’s never leaving.

The dawn from on high is breaking upon us…the power of the Most High desires to overshadow us right where we’re at, right now. Let Him love you.




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