today is new: receive the peace.

Today’s a new day.

And with each day comes infinite moments, infinite cries to “open up and let the light in” from the Man-God who has already paid the highest price, in spite of and on top of whatever has held our heart hostage the day before. 

He’s already paid for the grace. It’s already here, because He’s already here. We don’t need to do the whole “Oh, no, it’s fine, I don’t need it” routine.

Last night, I had a moment of peace lost and it FRUSTRATED me. Because I’ve been seeing God work so distinctly and hearing His voice so clearly. Regardless, I started spinning, and suddenly felt the need to justify it all and partner with the chaos, merely because it had whispered into my heart and I had started to speak with it.

It was particularly dumb, too, because I had just preached to a room filled with women at worship all about how God was either faithful or He wasn’t.

God is either faithful, or He’s not. He either always comes through, or He never comes through. He either satisfies, or completely withholds.

And as my alarm went off this morning, I was faced with a choice.

I could stay in that place of allowing confusion to spin me, or I could get out of bed and say “Hello, Holy Spirit,” and step into the place of expecting provision that He’s promised me. I could get caught up in beating myself up over the mere fact that I lost my peace or I could just receive peace.

Because, really, my heart is so much more than whatever whispers lies to get me to strive and control. Reality should be the focus of my soul, and reality is dictated by the Creator of time itself. My reality is that I am infinitely loved, redeemed, and provided for. And He’s enough.

I don’t need to go psychoanalyze whatever caused me to give up my peace, because really it doesn’t matter when peace comes right back at the mention of the name of Jesus.

Self awareness is so good, but it’s also so good sometimes to just let things go and refocus on truth, allowing the truth itself to dismantle the lie. The enemy strengthens his grip on us the more mental space we give him…and we don’t even have to prove his arguments wrong. Jesus did that eternally.

Here’s the thing: Jesus died so that we wouldn’t have to stay in the space of chaos. We don’t have to dwell there. We can leave before we feel the completion, or before we understand the reason for peace. 

Because our peace is wrapped up in Him. He’s already completed it all, He’s already provided for it all. He stands outside time and pours the grace of completion into our hearts. He’s already won.

We don’t have to overthink it. We simply need to rest and receive it.

So today– no matter what this week has held– or last week, or semester, or year– today is new. Today is new and you are new.

You’re not the sum of a bump in the road.

You have power and authority and you’re a royal child of the King of Kings. He’s purchased all of the peace…you don’t need to convince yourself to get peace about feeling peace.

Just keep going, just stand up, just rise, just refocus.

He’s said “it is finished” over death. He’s said you are enough. That’s all that’s needed.


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