here’s another post on worth, and we both need it.

I’ve written this before, and I’ll write it again, until the words bleed themselves into my brain and seep into my vision, giving me no choice but to see myself, my Father, and this world bathed into their reality.

No one can steal what He has won for you.

No one can beat you to what He has promised you.

Because He calls you worthy, good, beautiful. Enough. You’re enough.

The words “you are enough” have almost become static noise, especially in women’s ministry. Perhaps they’ve lost the meaning for some of us, maybe they’re never had meaning for some of us.

But we can have complete and total security in knowing that He has made us completely, utterly, totally enough, regardless of how we feel about them.

When I choose to believe that my Father is who He says He is, and how He feels about me, and what He’s done to prove that love– there’s so much peace. I don’t have to push, I don’t have to strive. I don’t have to try and fight for what He’s freely giving me.

And sometimes, yeah, it’s a choice. It’s not an emotion.

We’re so often in this tension between what fear says about God and what God says about God. We so often listen to the accusations that anxiety lays on the Father, that we can’t feel because He doesn’t care, that we can’t tell Him our problems because He’s not going to do anything about it.

And here’s the thing: fear is merely an illusion. Anxiety is an illusion. Insecurity is an illusion. Those things? They don’t get to have authority when the reality is that Jesus defeated death and proved them all infinitely wrong.

His love isn’t dependent on us knowing about it. The reality of His love is not constricted to whether or not I understand it. It’s there, it’s covering us. But, weary heart, you have got to open up and let this light in.

Because anything that has told you that you’re not enough and that you need to fight for peace, that you need to fight for love, that you need to fight to be okay– it’s a lie. It’s looking at reality through the lens of fear, of death– and that was defeated on the cross.

You can stand in the insufficiency and have a peace that surpasses sense because you have a Savior whose heart is wrapped up infinitely in your story.

So when there is confusion, I choose to look to the One who knows me. When there is anxiety and striving, and there are pieces that don’t add up, I choose to look to the One who dictates reality. When there is fear, I refuse to try and convince it to leave. You don’t need to argue with fear because it has no authority. When there is fear, I choose to be still.

There have been some times recently that I have found myself just pushing through fear or anxiety because I just shouldn’t have it or I should already know I’m worthy and I just need to get over it.

The voice of the Father never tells us to just get over it. He never tells us to suck it up. He validates our pain, He exposes the insufficiency, but not to show us that we’re not enough. He acknowledges the space in order to fill it.

We don’t have to push through fear, or any other lie. We can claim the courage to sit and be real with the Father and tell Him what we’re feeling and why we’re feeling it. We can anticipate that He’s going to speak truth, that His Presence is going to heal, that His voice will set our hearts free.

I was literally cleaning my sink the other day, trying to justify my way out of fear, and I heard Jesus say to me so clearly, “You can keep going in circles in your brain, or you can sit down and bring it to me, and let me show you truth.”

The truth turned out to be simple, and it undid the lie that was the basis of fear. Here’s what the process looked like: I just told the Father why I was afraid, what had happened that had let fear in. And then I just focused on Him, and He spoke to me, and showed me practically how that particular fear was not rational. The Father will always validate our feelings, but He will not rationalize darkness. He does not make us sit in fear and doubt; He purchased freedom for us. Not for our eighty-fifth birthday, but for right. now. He wants to speak to us.

The whole thing took less than ten minutes. It took me ten minutes to regain my peace when I choose to be still and let Love speak to me. This is contrasted by all of the other times that I choose to just barrel through my day and carry the nagging burdens of lies, because it’s no big deal and I’m “too busy.”

Why are we so afraid of taking time to let Him free us?! What better use of our breath than to come closer to Him?

I’m not a bother to Him. I can come to Him with it all, again and again. He doesn’t merely endure me, He doesn’t just tolerate me. He runs out of the house and down the road to meet me because He doesn’t want to wait the extra five minutes. That’s the kind of love we’re dealing with here; over the top, crazy reckless, completely extra.

That’s not the kind of love that would leave me empty.

And so, the lies that have plastered themselves onto the foundation of “not being enough” are crumbling. Comparison dies here. Competition dies here. Striving and inadequacy, their flimsy foundation, collapses. This is the undoing of fear, the end of anxiety. Because my Father sees me, He knows me. I have a spot at His table and a role in His kingdom.

The Father isn’t on the economy plan when it comes to abundance. He has the fullness of wholeness coming to you, and you merely have to step into the silent, still space and receive.

There is only grace, only peace here in His presence. He fights the battles, so I get to be still. Go there. Go to His heart, and let Him tell you again:

You’re enough. Because He says you are. So today, choose to be still and let Him love you and free you again and again and again.

I’m praying for you.

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