it’s time to stop chasing the stage.

We’re told forever to fight for the stage. To compete for attention, to embrace being seen as the goal of our lives. We’re pressured to be bigger, to be better, to go change the world, to make ourselves enough. Maybe these are literal stages. Maybe they’re the stages of other people’s attention. Either way: they’re... Continue Reading →


guys are the worst: how we fix the real problem.

Last semester, I was having dinner with a bunch of younger women, and the conversation quickly turned to the guys at our school. Complete with high-pitched giggles, the guys were labeled “the worst” and “dumb.” There were no particular stories told, just blanket accusations about the immaturity of guys, and their lack of courage in... Continue Reading →

it’s time to dream again.

Here’s something a little bit different: I want to invite you into this conviction. I want to invite you into this word that’s been spoken over my heart, over my life, like water washing me and relieving me of burdens that I once thought were a part of my back, of chains that I once... Continue Reading →

little girl, arise.

It was one of the staple events of the school year; one that everyone looked forward to for months. I didn't want to go. The night before, I'd had an excruciatingly painful conversation that had left me so hurt, and I felt so empty. I felt like I had nothing to give to the people... Continue Reading →

the times, they are a-changin.

And, just like that, it's summer again, it's Sunday again. Just like that, the sun's up again, and just like that, we're still breathing. We're still breathing. Hearts filled with stories that words could never express. Minds filled with images of bloody battle fields and dreams that are just starting to wake up. Eyes drinking... Continue Reading →

on the mountain tall.

One morning last week, I climbed a mountain by myself. Empty mind, empty heart, emotionally exhausted and experiencing a rawness of heart I didn't know was possible. I climbed looking for answers, seeking to understand. My addiction to sense had me striving for clarity. "Okay, go," I told Him, once I got to the top.... Continue Reading →

to be vulnerable.

And just like that, it's Holy Week. The space between Christmas and now has been swallowed up by a thousand little miracles and joys and confusions and hurts. The sparkling Christmas lights have always pointed to this darkening of skies as the veil is about to be torn and the nails will pierce the hands,... Continue Reading →

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