Hey there, fellow adventurer. Welcome to Captivated Freedom.

I’m Anne Marie Schlueter (actually like everybody calls me Annie). I grew up in the Midwest, but now I’m pursuing my Communications degree at a university in southern Florida, and after that, I have no idea. I have big dreams but I’m leaving the planning part to God.

I’m loud and sometimes have a tendency to talk fast. I believe in the power of story, I believe in the validity of thought and emotion. I believe in the love of a God who tore down every single wall for the chance to win my heart. I believe that when we encounter who He is– without the limitations we’ve placed on Him– we see who we are. And that leads to Heaven on earth.

I am strong and full of life. Not because of my past or my circumstances, but because His love makes me so. My heart has been busted up and confused and broken…but He’s taken it and made it beautiful.

And that is why I blog. Because there’s an incredible story that’s unfolding in my life and it’s for more than just me.

I never want to write from a place of having it all figured out, because that’s fake. I’m increasingly discovering how much more I need, and how much more He has for me.

My hope is that you’ll pursue this more with me. That you’ll be inspired to use your own voice, to tell your own story…to let the reckless love of this King transform every area of your heart.

Friends, let’s be REVIVALISTS. Let’s stop labeling ourselves as weak and messy, but rather as STRONG and FULL OF LIFE.

Let’s allow Him to light up our lives and take us higher and further than we could ever dream. Let’s be captivated by the King who is captivated by us…who is leading us into complete freedom.

I’m praying for you and I’m so excited to journey with you.


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