Drinking iced coffee with whipped cream. It's four o'clock at the beginning of the week and I'm exhausted. Barefoot feet and cutoff shorts, sitting on a gray rug that is perpetually full of hair from my roommate and I. The Band CAMINO is blaring, and I'm trying to find my story within words written by... Continue Reading →


get the hell over it

Sometimes, I whine an outragous amount. Take last week, for example. My planner (pictured above) was a hot mess, telling me of back to back to back meetings and classes and homework and work and people things. I don't mind the busyness; there's purpose and grace here. I know I'm doing what I'm called to be... Continue Reading →

when you’re not feeling Christmas

I am beyond over the song "Silent Night." "All is calm, all is bright..." Are you KIDDING me. Literally, this woman just birthed a CHILD and there's all these animals all over the place and animals are not silent. And then she has all these strange shepherd dudes show up and y'all, seriously?! I don't... Continue Reading →

this is not the end.

It will steal your innocence. But it will not steal your substance. -Mumford & Sons- I crave simplicity. The moonlight jumping from dancing branches of palm trees. The silence of my bedroom on a Saturday morning, with a mug of green tea with honey. The first chords of my favorite song and the excitement of... Continue Reading →

hello hurricane

This Saturday morning is quiet. My chipped Damascus mug is steaming with a new tea and my roommate is still curled up in her blankets. The refrigerator hums and the A/C blasts, encouraging the tightening of my blanket around my shoulders. The presence of my backpack next to my desk taunts me, reminding me of... Continue Reading →

guest post: uncontrollable

I'm beyond excited for THE Rachael Gieger's words to grace this page. Rachael's pursuit of holiness calls me on in so many ridiculous ways...she speaks truth with eloquence and power. Receive these words with an open heart, because there is so much beauty here.   If you’re anything like me, you love control. I love to... Continue Reading →

evil is sensible.

Verdict: dead. Decision: bury. Then run. Out of control, hurt, confused. It doesn’t make sense to hope. Death makes sense. It makes sense to run because it makes sense not to win. It makes sense for silence to consume and burn all possibility of understanding. Evil makes sense. You keep thinking of all of the... Continue Reading →

dear boy, i’m sorry.

Dear Boy, What a mystery our relationship is, and has been since the beginning of time. Fingers have been pointed and wounds have been inflicted, with each side wholly blaming the other. And yet...we come together, time and time again. Beauty and love and goodness somehow make themselves known in the midst of the ashes... Continue Reading →

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